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We have a mission: to reinvent home baking with creative content and innovative digital tools – from inspiration to shopping and preparation to sharing with friends, family and followers. We offer support through every step of the consumer journey.
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We believe that combining different business models and ecosystems can create sustainable added value for our customers.

All About Cake GmbH
We are fascinated by the idea of guiding our customers along their baking journey and support them with innovative digital solutions. All About Cake GmbH is a one hundred percent daughter of Dr. August Oetker Nahrungsmittel KG, bundling all new-to-us business units around baking.





It is All About Cake and cookies and muffins and bread and ...

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Create Better Group

With a focus on the home baking and cake decorating market, the Create Better Group is developing and sourcing some of the world’s most innovative and iconic cake products and brands. They distribute 1000’s of orders every day through market-leading, award-winning retail and wholesale platforms and a dedicated team committed to inspire and educate customers, while delivering operational excellence at every touchpoint.

With 65 employees in the UK, Create Better Group offers more than 8300 products from 17 different and 11 own brands. The Create Better Group has some of UK’s leading Cake Decorating Brands under one roof: The Cake Decorating Co. is the UK’s largest retailer of cake decorating supplies, stocking the basics from sugar paste, cupcake boxes, cake tins, cake stands and boards to the latest in innovative products. As well as Cake Stuff  and Cake Craft World established a retail website on the cake craft scene offering a vast range of choice for customers, alongside our fast, friendly and fun service. With the wholesale brand Cake Craft Group the Create Better Group owns as well the market-leading wholesale & trade provider of Cake Decorating Supplies.

NewCakes finds its origin at the kitchen table of the founders Inge Zaagsma and Danny Nijboer. What started as a small cake baking and workshop business, has grown into the Continental European Market Leader in specialty retail for baking and decorating. Today, NewCakes serves two main sales channels: B2C E-Commerce and B2B Wholesale  NewCakes’ own brand FunCakes is one of the favorite baking brands for baking enthusiasts all around Europe. Same comes true for Wilton, wherefore FunCakes is the main distributor in Europe.

Located in Amsterdam, around 60 passionate team members offer more than 5.500 products from over 30 brands in more than 30 countries. An astonishing number of around 30.000 products per week are sold via their ecosystem to support home bakers all over Europe expressing their love with the most beautiful and delicious cakes. Taken over by Dr. Oetker in 2021, a solid foundation for a growing future was built. Nowadays, on top of their heritage channels, the NewCakes family has grown by the Finnish business of Confetti.

Confetti Oy

Confetti Oy is Finland’s largest baking supplies online store, that includes more than 4.000 party and baking related products for beginners as well as professionals. Founded more than 20 years ago by a hobby baker who missed the american baking products in Finland she opened her own online shop What started as a hobby grew into a successful business, that today includes the online shop and several retail stores in Finland.

In addition, Confetti represents and sells several high-quality baking and party brands to business customers like bakeries, cafes and restaurants as well as other retail partners. 

The online cake delivery service deineTorte creates individual and creative cakes and pastries in their own confectioner’s master business in Cologne, based on customers’ online configurations. Using innovative print technologies, they, for example, print individual designs and photos with food color on high quality marzipan and fondant.

deineTorte is part of the InterNestor GmbH, the European market leader for individual cakes online, that is owned by Dr. Oetker since 2020. The company, located in Cologne, is running online Shops in five countries: Germany, France, Netherlands, Poland and Sweden.

Content Factory
Established as the content production team for the Content Factory today is the inhouse content creation agency for Dr. Oetker and other group companies as well as external parties. The portfolio of services starts with recipe development and includes every type of content: text, photo and video. With a long experience in Social Media content, the Content Factory is specialised in content creation for Instagram, Pinterest and TikTok and offers full-service packages covering content adjustments to perfectly fit each channel based on a highly efficient creation process.
The Content Factory is a business unit within the All About Cake GmbH employing five experts in baking, text, content creation and strategy and is supported by a team of freelance photographers and video experts. The 200 square meter large content production studio is located in Bielefeld and offering a variety of production opportunities from recipe to press and people photos.

Sparking and growing the love for home baking and decoration is the key objective of, the online baking platform that reinvents the home baking experience with creative content formats and innovative digitals tools. Thus, they support all kinds of home bakers in becoming the home baker they aspire to be.

Started with a baking recipe website, has grown to an ecosystem including a broad community of bakers. As a business unit of All About Cake located in Bielefeld, the team is constantly working together with bakers from all over Germany to optimize the website and content to encourage and inspire users in baking and sharing their passion with their beloved ones.

Crafts Unfolded

High Quality Bread is not a matter of course in a time when bakeries operate in a highly competitive environment with cost pressure and scarcity of passionate professionals. The Startup Crafts Unfolded creates a future for the craft of baking by combining traditional know how, innovation, digitalization and passion for handcrafted bread. This includes not only mastering the complexity of baking, but also being aware of the changing needs of consumers towards transparency, health-conscious nutrition, convenience and individualization.

Our “Crafties” are located on the Dr. Oetker Campus in Bielefeld and bring Germany’s best bakeries together on, so that consumers from all over Germany can order their favorite bread to their homes. On top of that, Crafts Unfolded also operates its own “Crafts Bakery”, which helps top hotels and top restaurants to indulge their guests with the best bread each and every day.


All About Cake GmbH was founded in 2020 to reflect the ecosystem vision of Dr. Oetker. We believe that combining different business models and ecosystems can create sustainable added value for our customers.

We also want to support exciting new business ideas and products on their way to market readiness. With our data-driven approach, the consumer should always be at the center of our activities, and we want to reach and accompany them at all stages of the value chain.

All About Cake GmbH is a subsidiary of Dr. Oetker and part of the Oetker Group.
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